3D and BIM – the basis of modern construction

| 16. 10. 2019

Our company is currently engaged in processing documentation of existing buildings based on the output of modern data collection technologies (UAV, laser scanning, photogrammetry) in the form of 3D building models including BIM.

The most common BIM implementation is at the LOD 200 level (thickness – sizes: walls, windows, doors, staircases, floors, roofs + fixtures), after completion with information at the LOD 300 level (materials, visible piping incl.).

In addition to data collection for the creation of 3D documentation, in the field of modeling, we specialize in building structures. Our solutions can be used, for example, in the construction industry for reconstruction or completion of existing buildings. In addition, the BIM model is also available in IFC format to make it platform independent and usable by all users.

You can watch the recent implementation of the BIM in the LOD300:

Author: Ing. Lea Leinweberová