Activities of Horizont HG 2014 this year

Vojtěch Hrdlička | 1. 6. 2017

In the third year of its existence, non-profit organization Horizont HG 2014 z. ú., which was founded in 2014 by Martin, Kateřina and Ondřej Hrdlička, will continue to support the main projects of the Protecting Water in Africa and the Svatá Ludmila 1100 let (Saint Ludmila 1100 Years) organizations.

Activities of Horizont HG 2014 this year

As part of the Svatá Ludmila 1100 let project, which aims to commemorate and celebrate Saint Ludmila of Bohemia and her indispensable role in both Czech and European history, Horizont HG 2014 is seeking to establish a partnership with the United States in the area of expanding so-called “Saint Ludmila sites”, i.e. places where Ludmila herself resided and places bearing the same name (schools, churches, homes, streets, etc.) in her honour. The whole project is accompanied by a series of events in the Czech Republic and abroad, whose patrons are prominent personalities. A list of this year’s events can be found on the project website: and others will be added in the course of the year. The project will culminate in the organization of an international pilgrimage to Tetín, Central Bohemia in 2021, where Saint Ludmila was martyred 1,100 years ago.

The second major project, Protecting Water in Africa, in which Horizont HG 2014 cooperates with People in Need, aims to extend water resource monitoring through the WaterReport app to Ethiopia and other African countries. Therefore, in May 2017 the organization’s leadership will once again journey to Ethiopia, which should bring new information and opportunities to expand the solutions and training of local residents and the workers of People in Need. The goal of the Protecting Water in Africa project is to ensure effective management of vital water resources for local residents and to teach local administrators and technicians to maintain these resources on a long-term basis without any future external or foreign aid. A pilot project was launched in Alaba, Ethiopia in 2013 and thanks to its success the project is currently being extended to Sidama. We will inform the project supporters about the specific results on our website

About the non-profit organization

Horizont HG 2014 was created to support charitable and non-profit projects by the Hrdlička family and HRDLIČKA Group companies. Since 2015 it has been headed by Vojtěch Hrdlička together with the organization’s board of directors. In addition to the Svatá Ludmila 1100 let and Protecting Water in Africa projects, the organization is generally dedicated to supporting and educating students, particularly in technical disciplines, as well as to supporting cultural life in the Českolipsko Region.

Support us

We have long been looking for project partners who identify with the values of Horizont HG 2014. If you would like to contribute to our effort to preserve our cultural heritage and promote meaningful and sustainable projects, please contact us.