New technologies in geodesy

Petr Pavelka | 1. 10. 2016

New technologies in the fields of geodesy, data collection and mapping are emerging nearly every day. Within this field manufacturers compete for the accuracy, size and speed with which GPS/GNSS devices, 3D laser scanners and other data collection equipment operate. That is why it is no surprise that the demands of our customers are steadily on the rise.

HRDLIČKA does not want to lag behind, which is why we are examining new mapping technologies very intensively, in particular the UAV method (unmanned aerial vehicle), a mobile device capable of holding a camera or scanner.

We tested an octocopter, a device equipped with eight engines and assisted by propellers that provide the machine with excellent stability and a bearing capacity for auxiliary devices of up to 2 kg (camera, scanner, etc.). This machine is also able to land safely in case of failure of one of its engines.

The ability to take either vertical or oblique pictures of the terrain is made possible thanks to the high-quality and stable engine-operated holder. Data collected in this way is then used for photogrammetric processing, refined orthophotomap production of smaller land areas, the production of a 3D model of terrain covered by phototexture to provide visualization of technical units, and for other special purposes.

Before operating and when linking data to the S-JTSK locating system and the Bpv altitudinal system, it is necessary to stabilize the ground control points located through classic geodetic methods. With the results of these points we are then able to transform the image of the territory geometrically into the required coordinate system. Data processed in this way may be used for project documentation, road passports, plant maps, monitoring of mining areas, cubage calculation, processing and analysing pictures taken by remote sensing methods.

HRDLIČKA envisages the expansion of its services in new technologies with up-to-date and progressive mapping methods, and offers these services to its current and future clients.