The founder of the company ends his active work for the company after 30 years

| 19. 8. 2019

Who else than I should take on this role and thank Dad for everything we have spent together in our professional life. Nor can it be avoided with a few sentences. We dreamed the joint firm even under deep communist totalitarianism, when any private initiative was suppressed and not to mention the private ownership of the means of production, as the comrades called it. Then the Velvet Revolution came and suddenly it was what we planned for. Miracle!

Although we had virtually no input capital, nor had we got any Bolsheviks stolen property, we were mentally ready to begin. At the time I was 25 and my dad was almost 60. First, my dad started a business at the beginning of 1990 and I finished my job as a construction manager during the year. In 1991 we founded Hrdlička spol. s r.o. and we hired the first employees that his father knew from his previous engagement at Energoprojekt Praha. They were Jiří Bžoch, Zbyněk Votava and Pavel Šmerha. Gradually, others started to work, some of whom still work here. Like Věra Kottová or Jarda Prošek and many others. Thanks to our knowledge of German we started to work in Germany, where we were welcomed with open arms after the revolution and cooperation was great for us both financially and financially. In fact, we invested virtually all the money earned into the most up-to-date measuring and computing technology.

In parallel with Germany, we started to develop business in the Czech Republic and gradually worked our way up to major surveying companies in the Czech Republic. In the mid-1990s, we established a joint venture with a German partner called GIS Service Prague. We established a network of branches and continued to grow. At that time, we focused primarily on the construction of the telecommunications network, where we acquired documentation of long-distance as well as local telecommunication lines. His father was involved in the surveyors’ chamber. In the new millennium we have more diversified our customer portfolio. However, the focus on digital administrators’ documentation remained. Technical maps of cities and land registers were added. We established a company in Slovakia and tried our luck in the more adventurous countries in the Balkans. We launched our MAWIS portal, whose services reflected the advent of the Internet and the liberalization of geodata work. Thus we entered the field of informatics. In the last decade, we began to devote much more to engineering geodesy and land consolidation. We have established or acquired shares in several other companies. Today, the HRDLIČKA Group includes Intelis, HG Elektro, Geocart CZ and Hrdlička Slovakia.

My father not only worked all the time, but he also followed all the events in companies and gave me not only valuable technical, business and personnel advice. We can say that our dream of creating a smaller family business at that time has many times overcome, even thanks to key collaborators. Over the past 30 years we have set out as a leader or one of the leaders in the field of geomatics in the Czech Republic. I believe that my dad is happy with the development, because even if he does not regularly come to the company, he keeps watching the events. He is glad that next-generation members are involved in working in companies and that is a continuous generation change. Thanks to this, the company is stable in the area of property relations. This is important not only for the family as such, but also for employees and business partners. They can feel certainty and stability in us. Ownership stability is one of the key factors of long-term development. Certainly he is also glad that there are many employees in our companies who would give their heart for the company and can be relied on at all times.

So thank you Father / partner Miroslav Hrdlička for everything you gave me and other colleagues for your experience, wise and human attitude, good mood and positivism. At the same time, I am glad that the company has enabled you to continue working actively for so long until your respectable 89 years. I wish you many years, health and blessings.

Son Martin with family

Author: Ing. Martin Hrdlička