Two thirds of real estate in the Czech Republic await the re-measurement of land boundaries

| 3. 10. 2019

Owners of roughly two thirds of real estate have to expect in the coming years that the cadastral office will ask them to mark the boundaries of their land.

Since last year cadastral offices have been performing new mapping all over the Czech Republic in order to get more accurate and up-to-date cadastral maps. This is related to their ongoing digitization, which is however often prevented by the lack of quality of the analog map.

The video report also brought TV Nova, in which you can see an interview with our production director Ing. Petr Pavelka.

More than half of the existing cadastral maps in Bohemia and Moravia were created before 1843. Another large group of surveyed areas consists of built-up areas of municipalities in which land adjustments have been carried out in recent years.

Marking of borders by real estate owners always takes place in cooperation with the staff of the relevant cadastral office, which informs all concerned by letter at least two months in advance. Sezve is at the place of their property where the border is marked. Information is usually available on the municipal notice boards. This new mapping will probably take several decades.