We started to focus high-speed lines in Moravia

| 10. 9. 2019

The Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC) has concluded contracts for geodetic surveying of the railway sections Prosenice-Ostrava Svinov and Modřice-Šakvice. A total of 100 kilometers of tracks, SŽDC informed. According to the organization, surveying should accelerate the preparation of high-speed lines.

Surveyors began to measure pilot sections of high-speed lines on which trains of more than 160 km / h are expected to run in the future. Our geodesists started off after signing contracts with SŽDC. They work on the existing lines and on future routes between Přerov and Ostrava, or between Brno and Vranovice. Field work should continue through the autumn, by the end of this year SŽDC was to receive detailed mapping along the entire length of the South Moravian section.

The report on this event was also brought by Czech Television and Czech Radio Rádiožurnál, who interviewed our production director, Ing. Petr Pavelka.


The construction of high-speed lines should significantly increase the capacity of the current rail network and also speed up connections on busy lines. In preparation, the Railway Administration selected five sections to be prepared under the accelerated regime. These are the sections Praha Běchovice-Poříčany, then Přerov (Prosenice) -Ostrava Svinov on the backbone route between Prague, Brno and Ostrava and the section Brno (Modřice) -Vranovice on the route Brno-Vienna / Bratislava and two sections of the line between Prague and Dresden. Construction of the first section should begin in 2025.

Source: Seznam.cz, Czech Television, Zdopravy.cz