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  • „UtilityReport is an indispensable aid”

    The UtilityReport application has become an indispensable aid for us. It greatly simplifies issues connected with reporting the existence of utility lines for our company. The automatic filtration of negative statements works perfectly. At present, most applicants contact us in this way and its efficiency is increasingly evident.

    Ing. Stanislav Votruba
    director of the Energy Property Administration

  • „Technical-Operational Watercourse Register”

    The HRDLIČKA Company has implemented many projects involving the Technical-Operational Watercourse Register and other special geodetic operations. The people understand the task, fulfil our requirements, keep deadlines, suggest improvements, and the price/performance ratio is perfectly acceptable

    Filip Janda

  • „UtilityReport is a unique tool for builders”

    The UtilityReport application is a unique tool for builders, who can in a single place find the necessary primary information on utility lines in the area affected by the proposed building and who have the opportunity to communicate with owners of these lines directly from this application.

    Vladimíra Helebrantová
    head of the technical department

  • „The HRDLIČKA Company helps us to solve issues connected with easements”

    We have collaborated with the HRDLIČKA Company for many years. Among other services, it helps us solve complicated issues connected with the establishment of easements. The superb professionalism of the HRDLIČKA Company in this field strongly contributes to the successful completion of these administrative activities, thus satisfying all of our end users.

    Dana Mrvová
    construction control, E.ON Česká republika, s.r.o.

  • „The HRDLIČKA Company provides us inspections of geodetic as-build documentation of buildings”

    In addition to other services, the HRDLIČKA Company provides geodetic services during the procurement of documentation on power and gas lines for our company and performs inspections of geodetic as-build documentation of buildings, which helps keep the documentation in a unified form and quality.

    Ing. Jiří Sulek
    manager, the technical register and GIS administration

  • „The HRDLIČKA Company provides us a complex map services”

    The HRDLIČKA Company has offered us complex map services since 1996. They look after the geodetic part of our operating documentation, keep the current data sets in the national map series, share information on the location of technical infrastructure with state administration (provide data on a particular area for town-planning documentation) and ensure other specific map documentation according to our specifications.

    Ing. Václav Čechura
    the PS concept and strategy specialist

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