3D surveying and data processing is now performed using modern and sophisticated methods, such as laser scanning, precision digital photogrammetry and mobile mapping. All of these methods allow us to collect comprehensive 3D data comprehensively and quickly. The result of these data collections are animations and 3D visualisations, vector street maps, surveyed roads, motorways, railway lines, underground structures and terrain, and documented building façades and building interiors.

  • 3D visualisation

    We very effectively combine vector and raster data from laser scanning or 3D photogrammetry survey with other data such as digital terrain models, designed buildings and other 3D elements. In this way we create realistic visualisations of future, designed or planned situations for our client. We can deliver these visualisations to the clients both in a special format and in commonly used 3D formats such as KMZ, allowing our clients to work with these 3D data themselves in an open software application such as Google Earth or others.

Memberships and professional certification

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