Digital technical maps (DTM) are an effective tool for state and local administration authorities as well as for improving the quality of documentation of administrators of utility lines. In addition, DTMs help all investors save money. They provide a uniform input for design work and prevent duplicate surveying of identical sites for different investment plans. Based on a digital technical map, we are able to effectively prepare passports for greenery, roads, traffic signs, street lighting and other objects, including the follow-up migration of the data to GIS.

  • FOTO: Digitální technické mapy

    Maintaining digital technical maps (DTMs)

    Thanks to the co-participation of building offices and administrators of utility lines, we regularly update maps. The database method of updating guarantees that information about the data’s origin and accuracy is retained. The data are naturally secured against unauthorised use.

  • Constructing digital technical maps (DTMs)

    We coordinate preparation work and contractual relations with investors. In addition to local authorities, these are mainly administrators of technical infrastructures for whom digital technical maps are best because of their detail, accuracy and simple updating. We formulate directives for constructing and maintaining DTMs, combine our own surveying with existing data and transfer the result onto the drawing structure as requested by the investor.

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