Our company provides comprehensive survey services for construction projects of all types, from preparation through the actual construction stage to monitoring already completed construction projects. We are the largest provider of land surveying work for the administrators of utility lines and technical infrastructure in the Czech Republic. We perform comprehensive surveying work mainly for linear construction projects such as motorways and highways, railways and waterways. Our experts handle any kind of engineering surveying work. All work is carried out using state-of-the-art survey equipment which is regularly maintained and calibrated. We have in-house specialists for the majority of standard work carried out on construction sites. In disciplines in which we are not continually active, we make use of a team of professional consultants and thus are able to cover practically the entire spectrum of engineering surveying work.

  • Topographical surveys

    We focus and prepare database for projects of all types. From the most detailed documents such as those for designing technology units in factories with millimetre precision, standard project materials, especially for large linear construction projects, to special materials for projects.

  • Hrdlička – Inženýrská geodézie

    Mining surveying work

    We create basic mine maps (in accordance with Mining Administration decrees and regulations), resolve ownership issues, prepare digital surface maps, including a digital terrain and surface model, calculate volumes, construct 3D models of mined-out spaces and waste rock dumps, and draw cross and longitudinal sections.

  • Special surveying work

    The combination of our surveying instruments and our skills allows us to very accurately and quickly acquire a great deal of important data. We are able to make in our workshops and apply in practice many technical tools to help us survey and determine otherwise unmeasurable data. This work can be applied in practically the full spectrum of man’s technical activities, especially the following.

  • Hrdlička – Inženýrská geodézie

    As-built documentation

    We prepare either simple or complex as-built documentation of buildings and structures in compliance with regulations and methodologies of the owners. When required by the client, we formulate a methodology for drafting as-built documentation exactly according to the client’s requirements and needs.

  • Setting out buildings

    We set out buildings of all kinds and accomplish it at a precision less than one millimetre. Our technicians set out boundary markers, provide pegging and secure them in compliance with applicable standards. When dealing with large and long-term structures, we create, stabilise and maintain geodetic points, which we then use for setting out.

Memberships and professional certification

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