Our company has always focused on creating data for its clients. It is not our primary goal to sell solutions to clients without data, but to deliver quality data with a functional and reliable solution. In the GIS area, we clearly promote open solutions, exchangeable formats, etc. For clients without own GIS or with outdated we always offer the QGIS solution. QGIS is a multi-platform geographic information system available for free use and modifications. It runs on a variety of operating systems, provides a simple and user-friendly environment with quality tools at the level of large GIS solutions. Our company is able to effectively customise it to satisfy the client’s specific needs. QGIS is a global solution (www.qgis.org) and the foundation of the individual standardised modules we offer our clients.

  • Passports module

    As a part Qpas create passport lighting, local roads, traffic signs, furniture or cemetery.

  • Cemetery passport

    The cemetery passport module maintains a clear register of all grave locations, including information about the deceased in the graves. The cemetery passport registers territories divided into groups and the arrangement of the grave locations into logical sections with the grave locations determined from surveying, plus a 2D visualisation with graphic presentation of payers and non-payers.

  • Outdoor furniture and equipment passport

    The module for town mobile assets contains various types of items, from benches to information signs. The passport is a register of town assets and offers an overview of the assets’ condition, the way they are positioned and the materials from which they are made. We primarily register town assets that may have a link to other passports.

  • Street lighting passport

    This module makes it possible to keep records on a wide scale of information of point objects, light locations, switchboards and connections between them within different circuits. The module is available at two levels – a basic level which allows collecting standard information about the above-detailed elements, and an audit level which allows saving technical information that can be used to create an electrical audit.

  • Traffic sign passport

    The traffic sign passport contains a summary of information about the signs’ positions, their designation, the material used to make them, their sequence order, etc. Vertical traffic signs enable records with a direct link to the relevant ordinance, as they include positions determined by surveying, point stations with visualisation of the relevant signs according to the applicable ordinance, situated with the sign facing the oncoming traffic.

  • Hrdlička – Pasport komunikací

    Local road passport

    This module provides maximum information about local roads, including their name, type, class, surface, length, etc. The passport serves especially as a tool for keeping track of streets, with an emphasis on logging information about their maintenance within the municipal boundaries, and includes a linear street graph with elements and a pattern of street names, stating the street class according to the type and kind of surface.

  • Digital technical map

    This module allows already existing digital technical maps (DTMs) to be displayed. These can, if required, be used to supplement existing data, i.e. as preparation for future plans to construct of a digital technical map.

  • GIS systems

    Multiplatform GIS QGIS allows free use and modification; It works on various operating systems. It is offering a simple and user-friendly environment and quality tools for enterprise-level GIS solutions .

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