We offer all work concerning the Land Registry. We primarily create all types of site plans, conduct investigations and mark out and divide plot boundaries. We comprehensively handle contractual matters and create all the necessary documents. We are prepared to represent our clients in any negotiations and proceedings conducted by the Land Registry.

  • Site plans

    We produce both simple site plans such as those required for final building approval and the subsequent entry of the building in the Land Registry, and for dividing plots, as well as extensive site plans for settling ownership relationships before and after the development of primarily linear transportation routes, utility line, etc.

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    Setting out plot boundaries

    We mark out plot boundaries as requested by our clients while always observing the applicable laws and decrees. We provide pegging of plot boundaries by installing high-quality boundary markers.

  • Consulting services concerning Land Registry issues

    Our Land Registry experts provide our clients advice concerning the Land Registry, including guidence and representing them in negotiations with Land Registry offices at all levels. We formulate for our clients methodological procedures to help them take the best and simplest approach to dealing with the issues concerning the Land Registry. We also advise clients in planning and implementing capital investment projects.

Memberships and professional certification

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