Sales, service, rentals


  • Hrdlička – Prodej bazarové techniky

    Sales of building and surveying equipment and material

    Description of goods for sale

    Occasionally we offer used professional surveying instruments for sale, usually including a complete set of accessories. All used equipment undergoes a complete service inspection before it is offered for sale.

  • Rental of survey instruments

    We rent surveying instruments from Nikon, Topcon, Trimble and Leica. The instruments can be rented either for a short period or, by agreement, a longer term. In addition to total stations with a battery, charger and recoil cable, you can also rent tripods, levelling staffs and ranging rods with a prism.

  • Hrdlička – Servis geodetického vybavení

    Servicing land surveying instruments

    Since 2002 we have offered professional servicing of land survey instruments, mainly Nikon Total Station and Nikon and Nedo levels. We also offer calibration of theodolites, levels and total stations from other manufacturers.

Memberships and professional certification

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