• Land Registry

    We mark out plot boundaries, create site plans, digitalise cadastral maps and handle easement contracts, including their entry in the Land Register.

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  • FOTO: Inženýrská geodézie

    Engineering surveys

    We provide professional surveying, marking out of buildings, as-built documentation of buildings, mine surveying and geodetic monitoring. We provide special geodetic services. For years we have provided our clients geodetic work on railways, created basic maps of industrial complexes, measured crane spans and documented waterworks.

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  • Tracing utility lines

    To designers and building companies, we provide all documents necessary for the implementation of projects connected with searching for and surveying utility lines.

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  • Hrdlička – Laserové skenování

    3D surveying and data processing

    We perform land and aerial laser scanning with the possibility of passportization, inventory and 3D visualizations, potentially for the purpose of photo documentation. We also offer oblique and vertical aerial photography and the creation of panoramic photos.

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  • Sales, service, rentals

    Odborné veřejnosti můžeme zajistit servis profesionálního geodetického vybavení – totálních stanic Nikon a nivelačních přístrojů zejména značek Nikon a Nedo. U totálních stanic také nabízíme zápůjčku včetně příslušenství.

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