Our company has always focused on creating data for its clients. It is not our primary goal to sell solutions to clients without data, but to deliver quality data with a functional and reliable solution. In the GIS area, we clearly promote open solutions, exchangeable formats, etc. For clients without own GIS or with outdated we always offer the QGIS solution. QGIS is a multi-platform geographic information system available for free use and modifications. It runs on a variety of operating systems, provides a simple and user-friendly environment with quality tools at the level of large GIS solutions. Our company is able to effectively customise it to satisfy the client’s specific needs. QGIS is a global solution (www.qgis.org) and the foundation of the individual standardised modules we offer our clients.

  • Land Registry

    We mark out plot boundaries, create site plans, digitalise cadastral maps and handle easement contracts, including their entry in the Land Register.

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  • FOTO: Inženýrská geodézie

    Engineering surveys

    We offer professional surveying, marking out of buildings and creation of the subsequent as-built documentation. We also provide special geodetic services on railways, create documentation on waterworks and conduct other surveys.

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  • Land adjustments

    For state administration we process simple as well as complex land adjustments, from proposals for a new arrangement to marking out new plot boundaries following an approved adjustment.

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  • FOTO: Digitální technické mapy

    Digital technical maps

    We offer the creation and subsequent maintenance of digital technical maps, including coordination of preparatory work and contractual relations. We can subsequently process passports over the created digital technical map and migrate the data to the GIS.

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  • GIS modern passports

    For municipalities we offer complex solutions for the passportization of roads, traffic signs, public lighting, greenery, street furniture, cemeteries and playgrounds. The foundation is the free multi-platform geographical information system - the QGIS environment.

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