3D surveying and data processing is now performed using modern and sophisticated methods, such as laser scanning, precision digital photogrammetry and mobile mapping. All of these methods allow us to collect comprehensive 3D data comprehensively and quickly. The result of these data collections are animations and 3D visualisations, vector street maps, surveyed roads, motorways, railway lines, underground structures and terrain, and documented building façades and building interiors.

  • Land Registry

    We mark out plot boundaries, create site plans, digitalise cadastral maps and handle easement contracts, including their entry in the Land Register.

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  • FOTO: Inženýrská geodézie

    Engineering surveys

    We offer administrators and owners of technical infrastructure professional mapping, the marking out of buildings and the creation of the subsequent as-built documentation.

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  • Technical documentation of utility lines

    We create technical documentation for administrators of utility lines, from an analysis of the current condition up to data collection and processing.

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  • Tracing utility lines

    For administrators and owners of technical infrastructure we offer professional services in searching for utility lines. Our specialists can locate lines, survey them and process the data into digital form.

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  • Designing power grids

    For administrators of utility lines we offer the creation of studies, the preparation of project documentation for land-use and building permission processes, implementation documentation and as-built documentation of the utility line.

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  • Hrdlička – Laserové skenování

    3D surveying and data processing

    We perform land and aerial laser scanning with the possibility of passportization, inventory and 3D visualizations, potentially for the purpose of photo documentation. We also offer oblique and vertical aerial photography and the creation of panoramic photos.

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